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Discovering Ritual for my Children

by Sherri Goldman, Administrative and Finance Director I wrote recently about my children at the mikveh. It was a story of hope that my children know Mayyim Hayyim is a place where they are welcome and immersion is an option … Continue reading

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My Children at the Mikveh

by Sherri Goldman, Administration and Finance Director When I was growing up I didn’t know about mikveh. Mikveh just wasn’t a tradition in my Reform Jewish family. Even my Bubbe (Yiddish for Grandmother), who was raised Orthodox and moved to … Continue reading

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A Tree in the Forest and a Girl in the Mikveh

by Carrie Bornstein It’s been just over a year since I brought my 5-year old to the mikveh to prepare for becoming a double big sister.  Three weeks after that immersion, Jonah was born and our family adjusted to its … Continue reading

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Reaching Out Across the Abyss of Grief: Superman Sam

by Carrie Bornstein My daughter is now 6 ½ years old. The same age as many of last year’s victims in the tragedy at Newtown.  In the week leading up to its anniversary, I found my mind pulled in all … Continue reading

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Entering the Covenant of her Mothers

by Terri Ash In one of his seminal works, The Lonely Man of Faith, Rabbi Yosef Dov Soleveitchik speaks of a Covenantal Man. This is the Adam of the second creation story in Genesis. As a Jew, that phrasing has always … Continue reading

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With the Calmness of Abraham

Rabbi Rachel Silverman is the Rabbi for Congregational Learning at Congregation Kehillath Israel in Brookline.  The following is an excerpt from the story I shared with my congregation on Rosh Hashanah. The full text of the sermon can be found … Continue reading

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Transitioning into Fall

by Rachel CaraDonna, Mayyim Hayyim Development Intern Summer is transitioning quickly into fall; the air is becoming noticeably crisp and the leaves are beginning to change. The season known best in New England brings along the classic activities and foods … Continue reading

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Together in Our Separateness

by Jessica Lang Kosa   My daughter Evelyn was born underwater.  Soon afterwards, we collected rainwater for her naming ceremony, and washed her feet in living water as we welcomed her to family and community.  Three years later, the two … Continue reading

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Flab, Jiggles, and Back-Fat: Learning to Love my Post-Partum Body

by Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director There’s nothing that lowers one’s body image quite like giving birth. Within a matter of hours, I felt like my body went from its cutest, most beautiful form to its least attractive possible form. I … Continue reading

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Our Newest Jews…

By Mayyim Hayyim Staff To date, nearly 2000 people have chosen Judaism at Mayyim Hayyim!  April, May and June are particularly busy months for “brand new Jews”.  Ever wonder what goes through people’s minds as they finalize their conversion or … Continue reading

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