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There and Back Again

by Samantha Testa I was raised Jewish, I learned about the mikveh in Hebrew school. And like a lot of other things I learned in Hebrew school it didn’t stick with me. Then last summer, I interned at Mayyim Hayyim … Continue reading

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Too Jewish, or not Jewish enough?

by Talia Jaffe, Education Intern There is a decision a person has to make every time they walk into a room. They have to decide if they want to be the funny version of themselves, the nice, the frustrated, the … Continue reading

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Remembering the Little Things

By Rachel CaraDonna, Mayyim Hayyim Development Intern When I started interning at Mayyim Hayyim, I asked myself a couple inevitable questions: “Will I ever immerse? If so, when? For what purpose?”. It didn’t take me long to conclude that I couldn’t possibly … Continue reading

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Transitioning into Fall

by Rachel CaraDonna, Mayyim Hayyim Development Intern Summer is transitioning quickly into fall; the air is becoming noticeably crisp and the leaves are beginning to change. The season known best in New England brings along the classic activities and foods … Continue reading

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Hurrying to Greet an Old Friend: My Second Dip at Mayyim Hayyim Community Mikveh

by Laura Seide, Former Mayyim Hayyim Intern There was a marked difference between my first dip and my second.  Preparing for my first dip, I took my time. I wanted to make sure I did everything right. I was nervous; … Continue reading

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Rain Rain Go Away?

by Samantha Testa, Development Intern   On my first day of my internship at Mayyim Hayyim it was pouring rain.  As I was greeted by staff, I remarked that I hated the rain. Leah’s response effectively changed the way I … Continue reading

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Thank You For Everything

by Laura Seide, Intern I can’t believe that my year of interning at Mayyim Hayyim has come to a close. In many ways, the experience of working here has been a mikveh in and of itself, as it has helped … Continue reading

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