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Introducing Mikveh to Children

When I had heard that Mayyim Hayyim offered mikveh      experiences for elementary schoolers and b’nei/ b’not mitzvah, I must admit I was somewhat surprised, given the traditional associations of mikveh with sexuality.  But a recent experience made me change my … Continue reading

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Niddah Anonymous: Keeping a Sacred Act Private

We were so excited about the new opening of Jerusalem Pita in Brookline.  We ventured out of our apartment in Cambridge with our 2.5 year old and 2 week old to taste what everyone was talking about.  While the dining … Continue reading

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A Moment to Myself

Women go to the mikveh for many reasons. For most, it is seen as a monthly ritual to purify oneself in living waters, mayyim hayyim, after menstruation and preparation for physical reunification with a spouse. I think many women look … Continue reading

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Immerse Yourself into Your Story

The Yahrzeit Candle March 29-30, 1997  It was 7:30 on the night before Easter Sunday, and I was about to light my first Yahrzeit candle. Lev Baesh gave this memorial light to me. Two and one-half years earlier after hearing … Continue reading

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Shavu’ot: Witnessing a Conversion, Remembering Ruth

As a mikveh guide who volunteers regularly, I see the holidays in a way that I hadn’t before—while I have always known they mark time’s passage, celebrations, and events, when people come to the mikveh to immerse for a holiday, … Continue reading

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Got It!

Inching our way down Commonwealth Ave, all I could think was, “We’re going to be late.” As I pulled into the parking lot just minutes before our scheduled arrival at 2:00 pm, my cell phone rang. One of the other … Continue reading

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