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Bringing the Waters Together: Mikveh Construction & Maintenance Training

 Written by Rabbi Joshua Heller As a the senior rabbi of a B’nai Torah, a growing Conservative-affiliated congregation, I’m called upon to wear many “kippot:” teacher of Torah, pastoral counselor, Judaic scholar,  administrator, fundraiser, ersatz (substitute) cantor, occasionally even software … Continue reading

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A Pluralistic Approach to Studying an Ancient Concept

Written by Amy Chartock, National Programs Director Two weeks ago, Carrie and I packed up and flew across the country to gather for a very specialized training focusing on the construction and maintenance of kosher mikvaot.  A dedicated group of … Continue reading

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Reflections on a Special Conversion

Written by Lisa Port White One of my favorite tasks as a guide at Mayyim Hayyim is to witness conversion immersions and be the first to welcome someone into Judaism. I like it so much that I often scan the … Continue reading

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Learning in Partnership

Written by Rabbi Claudia Kreiman Every year, I am honored to sponsor a few candidates for conversion. As a rabbi, accompanying a person on their path into Judaism is one of the most profound experiences I encounter. I learn from … Continue reading

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Talking Mikveh in Jerusalem

Written by Aliza Kline This year, for my sabbatical in Israel, my family and I deliberately chose not to live in Jerusalem. My husband Bradley and I have both lived there for at least two years and we hoped for … Continue reading

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Finally Welcomed Home

Written by Trish Soha חנה בת אברהם ושרה, Chana Bat Avraham v’Sarah I had imagined my conversion mikveh immersion at least three times a day for the year or so between my Pathways to Judaism class’ tour at Mayyim Hayyim … Continue reading

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Bat Mitzvah Mania

Written by Lisa Berman Oh to be a 12 year old girl these days. No, not because of all the Justin Bieber look-alikes in their classes, though surely that doesn’t hurt. And yes, being a 5th, 6th, or 7th grade … Continue reading

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