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Celebrating 10,000

Written by Carrie Bornstein It happened. With balloons, family, pictures, and laughter. Our ten thousandth immersion. Ten thousand. Just the sound of it is impressive.  I’ll say it again: ten thousand. One-by-one we counted. Reaching such a milestone, we can’t … Continue reading

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Blood and Guts

 Written by Caroline Musin Berkowitz This week, we read two of my favorite Torah portions, Tazria and Metzora, and we learn about what to do when faced with, well, blood and guts. The laws are complex and full of examples … Continue reading

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By Nina Stewart, Mayyim Hayyim Administrative Assistant This past Sunday, Earth Day, New England was soaked in a heavy rain that provided much-needed respite from a three-months-long drought. As a Southern transplant, I am still awestruck by the slowness that … Continue reading

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Mikveh for LGBT Jews: Use, Adaptation, or Appropriation?

Written by Gabriella Spitzer, Barnard College Student At Barnard College, where I am currently a junior, I am taking a class called Thinking Sexuality.  Among other things, it deals with the intersections of queer/LGBT life and other aspects of identity.   … Continue reading

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Counting Up

Written by Aliza Kline, Founding Executive Director of Mayyim Hayyim It’s hard to believe—but I am now beginning the last nine weeks of this extraordinary 10-month sabbatical in Israel. Pesach is vacation time for every Israeli family with school-age children. … Continue reading

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Rediscovering Connection

By Lisa Port White, Mayyim Hayyim Mikveh Guide Mayyim Hayyim is one of a handful of communities that in combination underpin the social and spiritual aspects of my life, and I miss it.  I feel a little heartache when I … Continue reading

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Hiddur Mitzvah – Making it All Beautiful

By Sherri Goldman, Administrative Director Finally, spring is here! I can’t complain too much about this past winter without much snow and with milder than normal temperatures. But, it’s always a good feeling for me to put away the ice … Continue reading

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