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A Field Trip

On August 9, 2012, Mayyim Hayyim hosted a group of social workers from Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center to learn more about Mayyim Hayyim’s mission, operations, and how the ritual of mikveh can be of use to both caregivers and … Continue reading

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The Most Special Person on the Planet

by Lisa Berman, Education Center Director It’s a good day when you create a program described as “absolutely, amazingly, awesomely phenomenal.”  Frankly, it’s even better when a 12 year old says, “I thought that the girls would all have been … Continue reading

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An International and Multicultural Ritual Immersion

by Gaby Zwiebach My family roots stem both from Peru and from Mexico. The cultures of these two countries have always had a strong influence in my life and in the life of my two older sisters, and eventually in … Continue reading

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Change is Change

by Leah Hart Tennen, Mikveh Center Director Every summer at camp there would be some new rule or some change that would seem to have dramatic and life-altering consequences.  A schedule change (but we always swim after sports!), a favorite … Continue reading

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On Winter’s Spring

by Katherine Trakhtenbroit I hail from a land currently crisped by drought. There are great stretches of live oak trees and loblolly pines along the bayou; when I was small they were thick with glossy leaves and pungent needles. Now, … Continue reading

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Sticky Fingers

by Carrie Bornstein Today is one of my favorite days of the year at Mayyim Hayyim: the day we put the honey sticks next to our front door in anticipation of Rosh Hashanah.  Usually I hold off – waiting until … Continue reading

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Am I Jewish?

by Stephan Lewy I was born in Berlin, Germany, and had a Protestant mother and a Jewish father. My parents agreed that a boy would be raised Jewish and a girl, Protestant. My birth was in a Jewish hospital, which … Continue reading

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