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A Fresh Start

by Debra Askanase  Sometimes, even newborn babies need a fresh start. That’s what I thought when I finally brought my eldest daughter home from Children’s Hospital, three and a half weeks after her birth. She had a rough beginning, going straight … Continue reading

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Holy Spaces and Wavy Door Handles

by Lisa Berman, Education Center Director Makom kadosh. Holy space. It is what we try to create here at Mayyim Hayyim. We refer to the process as “intentional design” – the highly focused, carefully thought out selection of everything physical at … Continue reading

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So Close You Can Touch It: One Mother’s Experience at Beneath the Surface

by Samantha Wood When I brought my daughter to Beneath the Surface, I didn’t know what to expect. Ritual Jewish immersion was something I had hardly considered, and I didn’t think I would ever be drawn to it. I didn’t … Continue reading

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My Family and Mikveh

by Sherri Goldman, Administrative and Finance Director   We never spoke about mikveh in my family. I never really thought about this until I started working at Mayyim Hayyim. At Mayyim Hayyim, mothers and daughters come to immerse for many … Continue reading

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Beginnings and Endings

From time to time, Mayyim Hayyim staff read through our guest book.  It’s quite fulfilling to read about people’s immersion experience(s) in their words.  Sometimes people come to mark the ending of an illness or medical treatment or relationship, but … Continue reading

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525,600 minutes…

by Leah Hart Tennen, Mikveh Center Director With apologies for plagiarizing from “Rent”, I ask everyone to think about how one measures a year.  “In daylight? In sunsets?  In midnights? In cups of coffee?” This particular year feels a bit … Continue reading

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Here I Am

by Sue Horowitz This November, I had the honor of debuting a song at Mayyim Hayyim‘s Tapestry: Choosing a Jewish Life event.  The song, “Here I Am” was written for the ritual of conversion to Judaism.  I am a singer-songwriter, … Continue reading

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