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Keep Calm and Bathe On

by Sarah Gurvis, Administrative Assistant One summer at sleepover camp, my mom sent me a series of packages that were a little different from what most kids usually receive. First, she sent me an empty binder with “A Girl in … Continue reading

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A Pregnant Pause

by Elisha Gechter I’ve fallen prey to a Facebook trend. Each month I stick a big number to my daughter’s onesie and snap a picture to post online. This month number nine will come out of the package, which has me … Continue reading

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But I Really Wanted to Get Arrested!

by Lisa Berman, Education Center Director My husband Jeff and I returned very recently from a whirlwind 9-day trip to Israel. Our main purpose was to see our kids, one doing a semester abroad at Hebrew University and one a … Continue reading

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Coming Indoors

by Benjamin Maron, Mikveh Guide In many ways, my work has been about the people at the fringes of our communities, those outside looking in. I’ve worked in social services, ran youth outreach groups, and started interfaith dialogue groups between … Continue reading

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Men, Men, Men, Men…

by Jody Comins, Development and Events Coodinator So here’s a little secret – for the past few months I’ve been one of the guys. Really! In my role as the Development and Events Coordinator, I’ve been planning a Spring Men’s … Continue reading

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My Mikveh Journey

by Michael Franck One Jewish life.  Two beautiful Jewish children. That is what mikveh has given me.  I have been reflecting on this lately because of Mayyim Hayyim’s upcoming spring benefit event, Men, Mikveh, and Malt, which I am helping … Continue reading

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The Orange on the Seder Plate

by Laura Seide, intern There is a very popular urban legend that an elderly male rabbi once stood up at synagogue and, addressing a female presenter, said “A woman belongs on the bima like an orange belongs on a seder … Continue reading

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