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Our Newest Jews…

By Mayyim Hayyim Staff To date, nearly 2000 people have chosen Judaism at Mayyim Hayyim!  April, May and June are particularly busy months for “brand new Jews”.  Ever wonder what goes through people’s minds as they finalize their conversion or … Continue reading

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Thank You For Everything

by Laura Seide, Intern I can’t believe that my year of interning at Mayyim Hayyim has come to a close. In many ways, the experience of working here has been a mikveh in and of itself, as it has helped … Continue reading

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Finding My Rainbow

Editor’s note: Lauren brought her daughter, Sofia (name has been changed), for a conversion immersion, naming ceremony, and general celebration of about 65 people.  We asked Lauren if we could share her story.  Below is what Lauren read to Sofia and … Continue reading

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Great Questions I’ve Been Asked While Working As an Intern at Mayyim Hayyim

by Jordan Braunig, Hebrew College Intern Last September I began an internship at Mayyim Hayyim working on a Men’s Initiative.  I’ve had the opportunity to be trained as a Mikveh Guide along with a cohort of nine other guys. I … Continue reading

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Old, New, Borrowed and Blue

By Leah Hart Tennen, Mikveh Center Director    Since Mayyim Hayyim opened nine years ago (Happy 9th birthday, Mayyim Hayyim!) over 1000 people have chosen to immerse before their wedding.  For some, a bridal immersion is the first of what will … Continue reading

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When Sensitivity is Taught

by Dr. Naomi Marmon Grumet Today we celebrate Yom Yerushalayim (the day Jerusalem was reunified in 1967), and the miracle of sovereignty over the wondrous city of Jerusalem. I think that sharing this blog about a program that emanates from … Continue reading

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A Shabbat for my Marriage

Editor’s Note: The author of this article prefers to remain anonymous. I never imagined that I would observe regular mikveh practice.  I didn’t grow up Orthodox, nor do I identify as such now.  I didn’t have female role models in … Continue reading

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