Top Ten Things We Love About Anita Diamant

Anita Birthday/FA2013

Mayyim Hayyim is proud to celebrate our founding President Anita Diamant at our Fall Women’s Benefit Event on Thursday, October 17, 7:00 pm at Guilt nightclub on Tremont St. in Boston. Bring your mother, your daughter, your sister and your friends to an evening of special surprises. Click here to join the party!

In celebration of Anita, we bring to you:

Top 10 Reasons We Love Anita

  1. Some of her favorite people are dogs
  2. Take her to the beach and she’s a happy camper
  3. She is the exclamation point police chief. Use one too many and you’ll regret it
  4. She does yoga for relaxation – namaste
  5. Her favorite holiday is Purim
  6. Her drink of choice is gin and tonic
  7. She makes a mean chocolate biscotti
  8. She thinks Jon Stewart is the Chief Rabbi of the United States
  9. Her real name is actually Linda but she changed it to prove that liberal women could be proud to be called “A Niddah*”
  10. Why do YOU love Anita? Add your reason in the comments below.

*niddah is the practice of monthly immersion.


About mayyimhayyim

Mayyim Hayyim is a 21st century creation, a mikveh rooted in ancient tradition, reinvented to serve the Jewish community of today
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6 Responses to Top Ten Things We Love About Anita Diamant

  1. Gavin says:

    You mean Jon Stewart ISN’T the Chief Rabbi of the United States?

  2. Leah says:

    I love Anita because she signs emails to me with x’s and o’s!

  3. Gavin says:

    I love her book JEWISH LIFE. Although I was born Jewish I was not raised Jewish so I am going to do a formal conversion in order to learn how to be Jewish and her book was a great help!

  4. Abby Mayou says:

    I love her because I wish “The Red Tent” never ended.

  5. sarit moas says:

    because reading the red tent was a formative experience for me! would love to read it for the third time! gave over several red tent workshops in israel and then went on to writing a thesis on the positive meanings of the female lived body experience of menstruation xxoxo p.s.- linda is le niddah is to niddah and anita is the transition from towards niddah to becoming a niddah through the positive force of reappropriating and empowering oneselve in this way. chapeau! sarit gayle moas (sarita)

  6. Here is my list:
    1. She taught us to eat cake for breakfast (better yet at the mikveh)
    2. Chocolate, chocolate, chocolate
    3. The New Jewish Wedding Book–changed my own life, even before there was a Mayyim Hayyim, However, Walden Pond in March, not a good idea!
    4. She meets people where they are
    5. Her smile
    6. Jim and Emilia
    7. Her vision
    8. Her sense of humor
    9. Her sense of stye and beauty
    10. xoxo on every email, always.
    Two personal ones:
    11, She taught me the importance of writing every day
    12. She thanked me personally after I helped with the Bima movie project

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