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Tazria, Metzora, and Talking about Mikveh

by Robin Weintraub Last week, we read parashat Tazria, and this week, we read parashat Metzora. These Leviticus tomes are full of skin ailments, clothes and linens which contract impurity, beplagued houses, and priestly rituals. They may seem erudite, bizarre, … Continue reading

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Where’s the Ritual?

This post is part of a series of blog posts about niddah entitled Sacred Bodies, Sacred Time.  Read more here – and submit your own post. by Rachel Lieberman Before I had my first mikveh experience, I was forewarned- “Don’t be … Continue reading

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A Tree in the Forest and a Girl in the Mikveh

by Carrie Bornstein It’s been just over a year since I brought my 5-year old to the mikveh to prepare for becoming a double big sister.  Three weeks after that immersion, Jonah was born and our family adjusted to its … Continue reading

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The Shave for the Brave: Getting Ready at the Mikveh

by Rabbi Emma Gottlieb It started with vanity. My friends and colleagues were shaving their heads and I didn’t think I could do it. I am told my hair is one of my best (physical) features. I couldn’t imagine being … Continue reading

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Changes at the Mikveh-Purim Edition

by Walton Clark, Office Assistant Purim is upon us, a time of debauchery and merriment. Having lived in New Orleans for four Mardi Gras celebrations, I know a thing or two about ‘celebration’. Here at Mayyim Hayyim, we want everyone to … Continue reading

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Winter Blessing

by Sara Epstein At 10 am, I arrived first at the mikveh Mayyim Hayyim in Newton.  I rang the bell and was greeted warmly by Amy, my guide.  She showed me around the building while we awaited the arrival of three … Continue reading

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The Ripple Effect, Mayyim Hayyim’s First Ten Years

by Jody Comins As you’ve probably heard, we are approaching our tenth anniversary in May, and we are kicking off a year of celebration with a Benefit Event on May 29th at Temple Israel of Boston.  Our benefit events are … Continue reading

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