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There and Back Again

by Samantha Testa I was raised Jewish, I learned about the mikveh in Hebrew school. And like a lot of other things I learned in Hebrew school it didn’t stick with me. Then last summer, I interned at Mayyim Hayyim … Continue reading

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Discovering Ritual for my Children

by Sherri Goldman, Administrative and Finance Director I wrote recently about my children at the mikveh. It was a story of hope that my children know Mayyim Hayyim is a place where they are welcome and immersion is an option … Continue reading

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Anything Else but the War

by Sheila Handler It’s Thursday evening and I’m lying in my bathtub, preparing myself for the mikveh. In the background, the radio is playing, announcing the missile strikes, as they hit; down South, in Ashkelon, Yavne and Be’er Sheva; in … Continue reading

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Mikveh → Tikvah

by Carrie Bornstein The world feels like an ugly place right now. We can’t escape the reality – all throughout the internet, on the news, on the radio, in conversations with friends – that our world is a highly imperfect … Continue reading

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Creating Traditions

by Rene Katersky, Mayyim Hayyim Mikveh Guide Judaism is filled with beautiful traditions and rituals. Indeed, our lives and the lives of our families are made fuller and richer by the traditions that we establish. In so doing, we honor … Continue reading

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Escaping the Bubble

by Walton Clark, Office Assistant Often times, I see and hear about people getting caught in the proverbial bubble, having this feeling of being stuck where they are. Life is just the same series of actions, over and over again; the … Continue reading

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Mourning at the Mikveh

by Rachel I ate a slice of pizza on Yom Kippur this year. I have not told anyone that. Well, of course my husband knows because he came into the kitchen and saw me sitting on our red linoleum floor … Continue reading

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