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Bounty and Despair: Hoshiah na

by Shira M. Cohen-Goldberg This has been a hard year. At this time last year my heart was a well of despair. Some of you may have read about how I emerged from having a miscarriage at 12 weeks gestation last … Continue reading

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Asking, Asking, Asking

by Carrie Bornstein As a parent of three young children, I am constantly fielding requests for things: Ima, can you buy me a Superman toy? When can I get a cell phone? Can I have a sleepover? Read me a story. … Continue reading

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A Great Miracle Happens in Our Home

by Leah Hart Tennen, Mikveh Guide When I was growing up, each of us lit our own menorah.  There were five of us, so you can imagine how beautiful our table was with all of those candles.  At some point … Continue reading

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A Phone Call I Won’t Forget

by Leeza Negelev, Associate Director of Education Several weeks ago I walked into work, dropped my bag at the side of my desk, and settled into my chair. My mind was calm, before the clutter of a to-do list had … Continue reading

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Don’t Go Near a Woman

by Salem Pearce, Mikveh Guide  This semester, as part of my rabbinic education, I am taking a class on the book of Exodus. Recently, we’ve been studying the account of the revelation at Sinai.  In the complicated choreography of Moses … Continue reading

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Our Family Doesn’t Do Bridal Immersions

by Sherri Goldman, Administrative and Finance Director There was exciting news as my husband’s entire family gathered at our house for Thanksgiving. One of our nieces, Kayla, had just recently become engaged to be married. I thought, what better way to celebrate … Continue reading

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A Rose by Any Other Name Would Not Smell as Sweet

by Rabbi Matthew Soffer When Romeo “oos and ahhs” over Juliet in the most famous scene of any of Shakespeare’s plays, he utters a line that is often misappropriated today: “A rose by any other name would smell as sweet.” … Continue reading

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