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Knees, Niggunim, and Kol Nidre: A Reflection on Knocking at Our Hearts

by Rachel Eisen, Mayyim Hayyim Intern Less than forty-eight hours before Kol Nidre, I hurt my knee at a sports practice and it threw my whole Yom Kippur out of whack. When I woke Monday morning, the pain was worse, … Continue reading

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Holy Days

by DeDe Jacobs-Komisar, Development Manager We’re now in the days between Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, aka Where Things Start Getting Real. If you have reflection and repentance on your mind, the whole process supposedly begins back at the start … Continue reading

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Dear Clergy: Thank You

by Lisa Berman, Mikveh and Education Director Summer, yet very nearly fall. Tomatoes and basil replaced by apples and honey. Cut-grass and pinot grigio segue into damp leaves, nutmeg, and zinfandel. Barbecues morph into holiday dinners. The filled up buckets … Continue reading

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Theatre Meets Prayer: Embodied Justice for Yom Kippur

by Bronwen Mullen When I formally began studying Theatre of the Oppressed at Sarah Lawrence College, the words of founder Augusto Boal resonated deeply: “Theatre is a rehearsal for life!”; “The most dangerous weapon theatre possesses is empathy!”; “Theatre is … Continue reading

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Russian-speaking Jews: Beyond Assimilation

by Leeza Negelev, Associate Director of Education In July, Mayyim Hayyim sent me to attend the COJECO Symposium for Russian-speaking Jews. COJECO (Council of Jewish Emigre Community Organizations) is the coordinating body of the Russian-speaking Jewish community of New York. This symposium … Continue reading

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An Unconventional Bar Mitzvah: Every Child Deserves to be Celebrated

by Susan Arndt It’s hard to believe we just celebrated my son’s Bar Mitzvah.  Zachary was born a beautiful healthy baby, but at the age of sixteen months, he started having seizures.  Over the years, with all of the challenges he … Continue reading

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