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60 Teenagers Fill Mayyim Hayyim

by Leeza Negelev, Associate Director of Education Last week, Gann Academy brought over sixty Israeli and American teenagers to learn at Mayyim Hayyim. We set up stations located throughout our first floor, each one exploring an aspect of our particular … Continue reading

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Moments in a Moroccan Mikveh

by Elyse Shuster I recently returned from a trip to southern Spain and Morocco. Part of the appeal of this region was its rich Jewish history, and I was definitely not disappointed! While much of the Jewish history in Spain … Continue reading

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Many Visits Later, Finally My First Immersion

by Rachel Bernstein I had been preparing for my first immersion for eight years. I didn’t know exactly when it would be, but I could guess why it would be. The first eight times I had visited Mayyim Hayyim, I … Continue reading

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One Small Act

by Lisa Berman, Mikveh and Education Director The wind swirls today. Is it here to strip us of our unwanted bits, to smooth our testy edges, to burnish the gems in our souls? It bends the trees, branches, and bowed … Continue reading

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An Immersive Stroll

by Kelly Banker My monthly immersions have been interrupted, and their absence is showing up everywhere I turn. Each immersion felt like a suspension of time; a breath of new life into each month. This summer, though, I was living … Continue reading

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