Welcome to Mayyim Hayyim’s blog! Located in Newton, Massachusetts, Mayyim Hayyim Living Waters Community Mikveh and the Paula Brody & Family Education Center is a threshold into Jewish life—a place where the spiritually diverse needs of 21st century Jews are met by reclaiming the ancient tradition of immersing in the mikveh.

Mayyim Hayyim is a resource for learning, spiritual discovery, and creativity where women and men of all ages can celebrate milestones like weddings and b’nei mitzvah; where conversion to Judaism is accorded the honor and dignity it deserves; where survivors of trauma, illness or loss find solace; and where women can explore the ritual of monthly immersion on their own terms. A busy center of community life, Mayyim Hayyim provides 1400 immersions and nearly 90 education programs every year, art exhibits in our gallery, national consultation services, and meaningful volunteer opportunities and training.

Mayyim Hayyim makes mikveh accessible and meaningful for the full diversity of our people for the first time in Jewish history. A local treasure and an international model since 2004, Jews from around the US and Israel routinely stop at Mayyim Hayyim to tour, learn, and immerse.

Our blog is a reflection of our commitment to pluralism within the Jewish community. Here, you will find reflections on Jewish ritual development and tradition; raising Jewish families; interfaith, conversion and LGBT topics; and traditional issues within the Jewish community. We hope our blog will reflect the diverse group of individuals who find their spiritual needs being served by Mayyim Hayyim throughout the year. Please explore our pages, see what we’re thinking about, and join the dialogue.

And don’t forget to visit www.mayyimhayyim.org!


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  1. Didn’t realist “the Russians” are behind Mayyim Hayyim! Great to know. We, probably, met at LimmudFSU too. I am with them from day one and a half 😉

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