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Call me Schnorrer – again.

by Anita Diamant I am writing this because (1) it’s important and (2) you care about Mayyim Hayyim. I’ll start with (2). If you’re taking the trouble to read the Mayyim Hayyim blog, I’m betting that you understand what Mayyim … Continue reading

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Red Tent-icipation

by DeDe Jacobs Komisar, Development Manager The big news around these parts is that Lifetime TV has made our own Anita Diamant’s iconic work, The Red Tent, into a miniseries. It airs December 7th and 8th, and stars Minnie Driver, … Continue reading

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Knock, Knock … It’s Me. Schnorrer.

by Anita Diamant The Yiddish word schnorrer has more than one meaning. It can be used to describe a habitual moocher, someone who never picks up the check, or a low-level jerk, a no-goodnik. However, the first definition in most dictionaries is … Continue reading

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