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The Ice is Melting

by Rachel Eisen, Director of Annual Giving I once learned a quirky little fact about mikveh: if there is a shortage of rainfall to provide the necessary natural water in the bor (the outdoor water collection that “kisses,” or touches, … Continue reading

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by Walt Clark, Office Manager Stark: severe or bare in appearance or outline. This past week at Mayyim Hayyim the walls were empty. The art has come down as we wait for the next exhibit to go up. A fresh coat … Continue reading

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Holiness You Can Hold

by Donna Leventhal As a member of the Mayyim Hayyim Art Committee, I am excited to introduce our “Vessels” year-long show. From September-January, “Vessels: Containing Possibilities” showcased the Raku vases of and mosaic art. Opening this Thursday and continuing through … Continue reading

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Infinite Vessels

by Donna Leventhal “Vessels: Containing Possibilities,” now in the Mayyim Hayyim Gallery, emerged from the concept of the mikveh itself as a sacred vessel. Mikveh defines and creates a sacred space that is both physical and spiritual. The individual’s experience … Continue reading

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The Words on Our Gates

By Stepheny Riemer, Member of Mayyim Hayyim’s Art Committee The words “Come in Peace” and “Go in Peace,” in English and Hebrew, now appear on the        archway to Mayyim Hayyim, completing the entryway to a special haven. The … Continue reading

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The Secret of the Sea

Written by Miriam Anzovin “Would’st thou,”—so the helmsman answered, “Learn the secret of the sea? Only those who brave its dangers Comprehend its mystery!”                                                                                                                    -Henry Wadsworth Longfellow, The Secret of the Sea Last summer, … Continue reading

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The Universal Language

Written by Miriam Anzovin, Administrative Assistant at Mayyim Hayyim When a new visitor to Mayyim Hayyim walks through the door, they are often surprised (but pleasantly so) to discover that an art gallery resides here, in addition to our mikva’ot … Continue reading

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