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Working Moms Behind the Mikveh

by Lori Kramer, Office Manager This last week has literally been my own version of a Perfect Storm. I juggle four kids (3 teens and a 7-year old who thinks she is a teenager), a very long commute, a cake … Continue reading

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There’s No I in Uterus

By Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director  Life has been a little busy lately. For all the normal reasons, yes. And, there are some other reasons, too. Mayyim Hayyim has a funny way of having an impact on people, myself included. So … Continue reading

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Liberal Mikva’ot in Israel: Good for the Jews?

By Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director People often ask us, “Is there anything like Mayyim Hayyim in Israel?” We certainly let them know about Mikveh Sh’maya, run by Rabbi Haviva Ner-David at Kibbutz Hannaton, and the innovative work happening at the Eden … Continue reading

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Ema? Thanks for Bringing Me to the Mikveh.

by Carrie Bornstein Someone recently asked me, “Why Mikveh? What’s the point? Why does it matter?” Here’s the story I told: My 9-year old daughter just left for a month at sleep-away camp last week for the first time. In … Continue reading

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What’s with the Water?

by Carrie Bornstein As I type, I’m in the midst of participating in a conference on Transformative Jewish Education, hosted by the Mandel Center at Brandeis University. Much of the conversation so far has centered around best practices in long-term … Continue reading

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How You Can Support Jewish Disability and Inclusion Awareness Month

by Carrie Bornstein, Executive Director If you’ll indulge me, I’d like you to take a minute and think about the different communities in which you participate. Consider your book group, your synagogue, your kid’s school. Think about your role as … Continue reading

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Magnitude of Gratitude

by Carrie Bornstein Thanksgiving is over, which means that most of us are back to mile-a-minute multi-tasking as our noses fall right back onto that grindstone. Over the years I’ve seen practices emerge, celebrated on Facebook and elsewhere, about adopting … Continue reading

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