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Open Waters, Open Community

by Ilana Snapstailer When I brought my 7th grade Rosh Hodesh group to Mayyim Hayyim, we learned about the aquatic lift meant to help someone with a disability use the mikveh. When our educator, Lisa Berman, asked the girls “Why … Continue reading

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Disability Justice is a Jewish Issue

By Shari Zakim-Yacouby and Talya Sokoll Talya: One thing I’ve learned in my 30 years as a Jew is that there is no one right way to be Jewish. Although my experience of living a fulfilling Jewish life has been … Continue reading

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Dear Clergy: Thank You

by Lisa Berman, Mikveh and Education Director Summer, yet very nearly fall. Tomatoes and basil replaced by apples and honey. Cut-grass and pinot grigio segue into damp leaves, nutmeg, and zinfandel. Barbecues morph into holiday dinners. The filled up buckets … Continue reading

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A New Film from Mayyim Hayyim, Open Waters: Mikveh for Everybody

by Carrie Bornstein Accessibility to people with disabilities has been a Mayyim Hayyim priority since the very beginning. Petichut – openness – is one of our guiding principles and it is part of everything we do: nobody is closed out … Continue reading

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A Film is Worth a Million Words

by Carrie Bornstein If you know about the mikveh, you’re probably aware that there are any number of reasons why a person might feel, well, less than comfortable with the idea. Let’s be honest here – the mikveh is not … Continue reading

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