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Make a Big Mess and Play with Everything and Other Educational Models

by Deborah Skolnick Einhorn Nine of us crowded around the mikveh.  I sat on the floor with several of my students, while others leaned against the door jamb, squatted by the side of the ‘pool,’ or leaned against a wall. … Continue reading

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We Are Water Striders

by Donna Vatnick   Water saturates the soil, balms the sky, fills the seas, and swirls between our fingers as we wash our hands before meals. This perfect transparence, a beautiful reflection of the world around us, exists in water. … Continue reading

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Teach Everyone

by Anita Diamant, Mayyim Hayyim Founding President This post was originally featured on Anita’s personal blog Thinking Out Loud Today, I was given two great honors by Hebrew College in Newton, MA: awarded an honorary doctorate and asked to address … Continue reading

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L’Dor V’Dor V’Dor: From Generation to Generation to Generation

by Diane Black, Rebecca Friedman, and Jessica Friedman A few weeks ago, Diane Black, one of our board members and a Mikveh Guide, brought her daughter Rebecca and her granddaughter Jessica to Mayyim Hayyim to celebrate Jessica becoming a Bat … Continue reading

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A Successful Field Trip

by Allison Poirier Last week, on a very cold and wintry Friday morning I left my apartment in Morningside Heights to catch the subway to 74th street. I was on my way to the Upper West Side Mikveh. Along with … Continue reading

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One Eighth Grader’s Perspective on Mikveh

by Talia Schnur and Jody Comins, Development and Events Coordinator Talia: I came to the mikveh with my eighth grade class and the sixth grade class from MetroWest Jewish Day School (MWJDS). The visit was really fun because we got … Continue reading

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Queer Submersions

By Gabriella Spitzer You may have seen my earlier post asking for mikveh stories from queer/LGBT-identified people. Thank you for those of you who responded to my survey! I was doing research for my final project in my Thinking Sexuality … Continue reading

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