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Listen to the Knocking in Your Own Heart

by Rachel Tali Kaplan An invitation and an ode: a rabbinical student’s thoughts on and encouragement to join Mayyim Hayyim for Knocking at Our Hearts, a High Holiday musical workshop with Joey Weisenberg, on September 10 at 3:30PM. water and … Continue reading

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Mem is for Mayyim

by Pam McArthur Mayyim. It seems simple, this Hebrew word for water, mayyim.  The humming, mother-sound, the letter mem at beginning and end. The ear might hear and think a palindrome, a word the same from right to left and … Continue reading

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What on Earth Are They Going to Do?

by Ilana Snapstailer “What on earth are they going to do for two hours at a mikveh?!” asked a parent. The truth is, I was not entirely sure, but upon many recommendations, I scheduled a visit to Mayyim Hayyim with … Continue reading

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The Weather Outside

by DeDe Jacobs-Komisar, Development Manager Living in the Boston area, it’s hard to think about anything these days besides snow. It’s hard to believe that just twenty days ago it had only snowed five inches the entire season; now we’re buried … Continue reading

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Not the Only One

Editor’s note:  The writer of this post wishes to remain anonymous I’m afraid of water, and I know I’m not the only one. Years of swimming lessons did nothing for me — after all, if you won’t put your face … Continue reading

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My Summer Vacation at the Water

by Sherri Goldman, Administrative and Finance Director   I feel so renewed and refreshed – I’ve just returned back to work from my summer vacation.  As I was planning my vacation, I began to think of all the good and … Continue reading

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We Are Water Striders

by Donna Vatnick   Water saturates the soil, balms the sky, fills the seas, and swirls between our fingers as we wash our hands before meals. This perfect transparence, a beautiful reflection of the world around us, exists in water. … Continue reading

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